Who is Sunny?

My yoga journey started in 2006 when I started joining Hatha yoga classes due to neck & shoulder issues caused by emotional tensions in combination with long days behind the computer. During a visit to Thailand in 2010, I first experienced the more dynamic yoga style Astanga, as well as Chakra yoga which helps to re-establish energetic balance. Now I also discovered the philosophical, energetic and spiritual side of yoga which helped me understand why one hour on the yoga mat has such a profound effect compared to one hour in the gym. I was hooked! 

Back in the Netherlands I started practicing more and more. I followed a Mindfulness training, took up meditation (Vipassana and Mindfulness techniques), explored breathing and energetic methods (Pranayama) as well as many different styles of yoga. My own daily practice now varies depending on what I need at that moment. It can be highly physical to quiet the mind, more subtle to rebalance my energetic system, or calming and soothing to help settle my nervous system. 

Because I got so passionate about sharing yoga with others, I joined the 200-hrs Basic Teacher Training (Sva Dharma) at Delight Yoga in Amsterdam, followed by the 350-hrs Advanced Studies at the Delight Academy with focus on Mindful Yoga and Yoga Therapy in 2015. I also learned Pranic Healing in 2016 and followed a teacher training for Special Needs Yoga in 2017 at Yoga Vidya. Yoga Alliance® knows me as a Registered Yoga Teacher 500-hours (RYT 500) and I am a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. At School of Shakti, I have immersed myself in Shakti tantra and followed a Women's Group Facilitator training. I combine teaching yoga with my job as Academy Coordinator Yoga at Delight Yoga Amsterdam, where I'm responsible for the Delight Yoga teacher trainings. 

What does yoga do for me?

Beside the physical benefits of yoga, we focus a lot on the different energies that move through our system, on the breath and we continually observe our mind. This helps me integrate my physical, energetic and mental movements. Yoga philosophy and the spiritual aspects of yoga inspire and enrich my daily life. The combination of all of this gives me a calm state of mind as well as a lot of energy. 

Beside the physical benefits (my neck & shoulder issues are gone) I notice that I am much more grounded and able to be present in the moment. I respect myself more, am able to deal better with tensions and enjoy the beautiful moments that life offers. 

I can only recommend yoga to anyone who needs a moment of calm and self-connection in hectic everyday life, who wants to recharge the batteries and who wants to get back in touch with body, mind and soul.  

Warm regards,

Sunny (Sandra Hipeli)