Why Yoga?

Welcome to SUNNYoga in Arnhem Zuid (Malburgen)! I am offering Mindful Yoga, Shakti Yoga, Pranic Healing and Women's circles. Yoga means 'becoming whole'. Through movement, breathwork and meditation, yoga brings us back into the here and now. Yoga calms the mind and helps to decrease physical, emotional and mental tension. We increase our ability to concentrate along with our physical flexibility. But yoga also acts as a mirror: whatever we encounter on the mat shows us where we are at off the mat. In yoga, we work towards accepting and integrating life in all its facets.

Yoga classes

My yoga classes are accessible for all levels and no previous experience with yoga is required. The classes are taught in Dutch and English and located at Under the Tree  Klaverlaan 1A in Arnhem - Malburgen.

Mindful Yoga

Mindful Yoga is a calming, gentle-paced yoga class with elements from Hatha, Yin and Healing yoga in combination with Mindfulness meditation. During the whole class, we focus on the breath to bridge body, mind and emotions and we invite introspection. The class starts with a short meditation, after which we move through invigorating exercises that increase the flow of energy and calming postures that soothe our nervous system. After the final relaxation, you will feel recharged and more aligned with yourself. 

Wednesdays 18.15 - 19.30 hrs at Under The Tree Centrum voor Lichaam, Geest en Ziel, Klaverlaan 1a, 6841CG Arnhem (Malburgen West). Free parking. 

Dates fall 2019:

21 & 28 August
4 & 25 September
2, 9, 16, 23, 30 October
No classes on 11 and 18 September.

Costs to participate in the full season are 160 EUR. Individual class 11,50 EUR. Introductory class 6 EUR. Please register by phone or e-mail. 

6, 13, 20, 27 November

4, 11, 18 December 

After the winter holidays classes start again on 8 January 2020.

Shakti Yoga (English-speaking)

Shakti Yoga is a class only for women in which we focus on our pelvis and heart, both physically and energetically. Through meditation and breathing exercises we connect to our feminine life force (Shakti energy). We move through playful, creative and healing postures in which we look for the 'feminine flow': pleasure, surrender, play, feel. We finish with yin poses and a long guided meditation to seal the energy. A wonderful class to (re-)connect with your feminine side, with self-love and confidence in your power & gentleness.

Mondays 20:00 - 21:15 hrs at Under The Tree Centrum voor Lichaam, Geest en Ziel, Klaverlaan 1a, 6841CG Arnhem (Malburgen West). Free parking.   

Dates fall 2019:


Please register upfront by e-mail to and you will receive a payment link to confirm your spot. 

Women's circles:


Every month I invite you to join a Women's Circle with Shakti Yoga at Under The Tree at Klaverlaan 1A in Arnhem Zuid (Malburgen).
Dates 2nd half 2019: 21 August, 23 October, 20 November (20:00 - 21:30 hrs). 

The costs are 12 EUR including tea. If you join the whole season, the costs are 10 EUR per circle. Please register upfront and confirm your participation by paying upfront. There is a maximum of 8 participants. 




Please wear comfortable clothing and socks in which you can move easily. It is best not to eat short before the class starts. If you have any injuries or there are other issues, plese let me know before the start of the first class. If in doubt please consult your doctor or therapist.  

Please register by phone (06 57 88 97 15) or by e-mail ( You can sign up for a single yoga class/women's circle or for the full season. Missed classes are not refunded. If you don't want to join the next season, please let me know 2 weeks before the end of a season so I know that your spot will become available. In case of cancellation of your participation after the start of a season, there is no refund possible. 

Please pay before start of the season/class on my bank account S.L. Hipeli, NL22 INGB 0001 8394 23.

Individual sessions

Pranic Healing


Many physical, emotional and mental issues are caused by blockages on the energetic level. Where there are energetic blocks, life energy (prana in Sanskrit) cannot freely flow through the body. This negatively affects the body's natural ability to heal itself and creates emotional and mental imbalances. The Pranic (from prana = energy) Healing technique can help improving physical, mental and emotional issues by stimulating the body's own regenerative ability. It is from the inside, and not from the outside, that the body heals. 

Pranic Healing is a very effective yet subtle healing system without touching. During a Pranic Healing session, the energy centers are getting cleaned, energised and balanced while the person sits or lies down. This will improve the energy flows within the body, decrease or dissolve blockages and in this way enhance the overall well-being as well as specific issues. 

Mindful Yoga Therapy


Beside group classes I also offer individual therapeutic yoga sessions. During 'Mindful Yoga Therapy', we work on specific topics such as stress-related issues, behavioural patterns or beliefs and emotions that limit us from living to our full capacities.  

Mindful Yoga Therapy consists of a combination of techniques from Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and from yoga: breath, movement, meditation, visualisation and self-inquiry. While using these techniques, we work on our issues not so much from the mind but rather from the body, mainly targeting the nervous system which governs heart rate, digestion, sleep, and closely interrelates with emotional and mental states. We aim at accepting and integrating life with all its ups and downs, so we can return to our natural balance, our original calmness.

The sessions are tailor-made after an intake and take place at Under the Tree, Klaverlaan 1A in Arnhem-Malburgen. 

Both methods described above are a valuable add-on to physiotherapy, personal development, coaching or (psycho)-therapeutical treatment.



60 minutes Mindful Yoga Therapy or Pranic Healing: 60 EUR (introduction price 55 EUR).

Yoga for special needs


Yoga is suited for everyone who needs some relaxation every now and then, and of course this goes also for persons with physical or mental challenges. I offer special yoga classes for people with autism and/or special needs. My focus is not on the disability but on the abilities of the student. After an intake with the student and the care-taker, I create yoga sessions tailor-made for the needs of the student which are given at the home of the student. Group lessons can also be organised on demand. Pricing depends on the specific conditions. 

Photo by Chris Ensey on Unsplash